Augustus Road, Wimbledon


LDSA Built-in Quality Award 2008 Highly Commended Best Small Housing/Residential Project.
LDSA Built-in Quality Award 2008 Winner Best Thermal or Acoustic Innovation.

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Project Details

The project involved the demolition of a detached Victorian house in Wimbledon, London and the construction of a two and a half-storey block of 13 two and three bedroom flats, together with communal and private amenity space and off-street parking facilities.

The site area of 0.17hectares consisted of a large detached Victorian house set in the middle of the frontage facing the main road, with a single storey detached garage and a number of large mature trees on the site with Tree Preservation Orders.

The development is divided into two blocks of flats, with three flats at ground floor and a further five flats at first and second floor levels linked together by spanning over the undercroft parking area.

Provision had been made for a large communal amenity area, soft external lighting, to the rear of the proposed block of flats, with private gardens for some of the ground floor flats. A secure cycle area and waste bin enclosure, together with 10 parking spaces are located within the landscaped area, with a further 5 car parking spaces located in the undercroft area.

The location of the proposed building has taken into account the locality of the adjoining properties and a Daylight and Sunlight Analysis was undertaken to ensure that the development did not have any impact upon the neighbouring properties. The hard landscaping for vehicular and pedestrian access to the site has been designed to take into account the existing trees on the site with Tree Preservation Orders, together with the remaining trees identified in the Tree Survey Report.

The building has a traditional design, which both augments and compliments the street appearance, whilst the façade facing the main road reflects the character of the original property and would not become a dominant feature in the streetscape. The position and layout of the building on the site retains the existing mature trees and the site is enhanced by the introduction of additional trees planted around the site, which is in harmony with the locality and does not have a detrimental impact upon neighbouring properties.

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